5 Best Biometric Attendance Systems in India

The offices have changed a lot in recent years. With the innovations in technology, the offices are adopting the new way to stay productive. At first, it started with computers and the internet to automate and speed up the regular tasks. After that, it came to the employee management system and now, the biometric attendance systems. With the help of these technologies, businesses and governments can keep track of the employees and productivity.

The best technology adoption is the biometric attendance system. With the biometric attendance system in India, the attendance registration became seamless. With the arrival of a system to register the attendance, the need for paper-based attendance diminished. The government offices and private business offices have already installed the biometric attendance system to lodge employee attendance.

With such systems, the chances of fraud are negligible. There is no such technology available in the world that can replicate the biometric data of any person. So, if the employee is present in the office, he can only lodge the attendance in the biometric attendance system. Such devices are easily integrated into the employee management software, which you can use to track the same. You can also easily count the payable salary days with the data available from the biometric attendance system.

If you are a business owner or have the responsibility of maintaining the employees' attendance at the workplace, you should not ignore the available options. There are a ton of best biometric attendance systems in India, which you can buy and install in your office. It’s quite easy and safe to get the online marketplaces' biometric attendance system like Amazon India. Getting the best biometric attendance system in India is a tough task. You have to do thorough research and then shortlist the best product that suits your needs. In this post, we are listing a few best biometric attendance systems that you can check out and get for your office.

5 Best Biometric Attendance Systems in India

#1 - CP Plus CP-VTA-T2324-U Fingerprint Reader for Office 

CP Plus CP-VTA-T2324

Are you looking for a simple yet powerful biometric attendance system for small office space? Well, the CP Plus CP-VTA-T2324-U fingerprint reader for office is the best product in this list. It’s a small biometric attendance system, which accepts the fingerprints. Not having all of the biometric marker recognition is a minus point, but it is still useful for small offices with less staff. Also, it’s one of the best products available in the market.

Capturing the fingerprint is quite fast and accurate. According to the manufacturer, the failure rate of this machine is negligible. Any normal user should not word about the fingerprint recognition failure from the hardware or software issues. According to the specifications sheet, the failure rate is 0.0001 percent, and the false positive/false acceptance rate is 0.001 percent, which is quite low. The high-quality optical fingerprint sensor ensures accurate recognition, which is quite good.

The product comes with the 4-inch 480x320 display, which is a useful addition. The display is a color display, so checking out the information on the device is very easy. The total fingerprint record capacity of the CP Plus CP-VTA-T2324-U biometric system is upto 1,000. It can record the fingerprints of nearly 1,000 people, assuming only a single finger is utilized. For those who are handicapped, using the fingerprint is not possible. For such people, there is another way to lodge attendance using this system. This device comes with the password-based login and the Electromagnetic card-based login.

The CP Plus CP-VTA-T2334-U fingerprint reader system for office is quite useful for the small offices. It comes with all the resources that anyone might need in the office. Everything is included in the package from the software CD, power cable, USB cable, and the slots for hanging it on the wall. So, you don’t have to worry about the installation of this machine in your system. Also, the manufacturer is providing the one-year warranty, which is quite a good addition.

Why is the CP Plus CP-VTA-T2334-U Biometric Attendance System a Good Choice? 

The small office spaces do not require any high-end biometric attendance system. The feature requirements and the budget is quite low for small businesses. For such requirements, the CP Plus CP-VTA-T2334-U is the best product. With the optical fingerprint sensor, password, and the EM card, the employees can register their attendance.

The capacity of this machine is very good. With the capacity to store and identify 1,000 fingerprints, you will not need to have another machine for your staff. The best thing about this product is the easy installation. The manufacturer has provided all of the instructions in this package and the Software CD, which lets you access all the data and configuration menu.

#2 - GBS Wi-Fi Biometric Attendance System for Offices 

Gbs Wi-Fi Biometric Attendance Syste

The big businesses need some powerful biometric attendance systems for maintaining the staff. For fulfilling such requirements, the GBS Wi-Fi Biometric attendance system with cloud storage is the best option. The GBS Biometric attendance system is the best product for the heavy usage in the office. It’s the ultimate solution for every company that is willing to keep track of employee attendance and performance.

The GBS biometric attendance system comes with Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity. The manufacturer provides Cloud connectivity solutions, which allows the administrators and business owners to keep track of the employees from any place in the world. The data of the fingerprints is stored in the cloud servers, which the beneficiaries can access from any place in the world from any device, be it the Android or iOS. This is the best product for businesses, schools, colleges, and educational institutions for attendance management.

This product comes with the small TFT display, which shows the time, date, and login messages. Once the user puts the finger on the biometric sensor, the TFT display shows the notifications of success or failure. The optical sensor used in this machine is of top-quality, so there is no chance of false positives or the failed fingerprint recognition. It’s made for heavy usage, so you don’t have to worry about the performance of this machine.

GBS biometric attendance system comes with the entire package of software solutions. So, you get the free 45-days access to the cloud servers, 1500 SMSs for late-in and early-go of the employees or the students, and the access to smartphone apps for configuration. The users can opt for expanding the cloud server access plans for saving the data safely on clouds and track the attendance of the employees or students, whoever you want. This product comes with the one-year warranty, so after-sales service is not an issue with the GBS Biometric attendance system.

Why is the GBS Wi-Fi Biometric attendance system a Great Choice? 

The corporate requirements and solutions are quite different from the small businesses. The GBS Wi-Fi Biometric attendance system with cloud storage is suitable for corporates and big businesses. It comes with the Wi-Fi connectivity options and software plans along with the cloud storage. The cloud storage and software packages allow users to store and access all the data from any place in the world through the online software interface. For the corporates, it’s quite useful to monitor employee attendance from remote places.

It works as the normal biometric attendance system. With the TFT display and the fingerprint sensor, the employees or the students can lodge the attendance in the machine. The entire data of the attendance is recorded in the cloud servers, and the SMS messages are sent to the registered numbers informing them about the Early-go and late-in of the user. It’s a premium business solution for attendance management, so it might not be suitable for everyone.

#3 - ZKTeco LX50 Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System for Office 

ZKTeco Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance

The ZKTeco LX50 Biometric fingerprint attendance system is the one product for the small and medium enterprises. If you have moderate requirements for maintaining employee attendance, then this product is best suitable for your needs. The ZKTeco LX50 comes with the SSR or the Self-Service recorder, which is useful for the small store owners. With the 2.8-inches TFT display, the users can access the configuration menu and perform multiple actions. The color display is bright enough to show everything clearly, even in daylight environments.

You can connect this biometric fingerprint time attendance system with your computer. It’s quite easy to upload and download the SSR and timesheet from this device to your computer. As this product comes with the inbuilt SSR Excel sheet, you can get detailed information about the attendance of the employees. With software like U-Dislike, you can transfer the data to-and-from the device and computer with ease. If you don’t have the computer access at the location, then just download the data to a USB drive, and later analyze the same on your computer. It’s that easy.

As we said earlier, it’s usable for small and medium enterprises. The ZKTeco LX50 biometric time attendance system can store upto 500 fingerprints, which is optimal. You can easily manage the entire staff of any small or medium enterprise with this device. If using the fingerprints for attendance is not enough, then the users can lodge their attendance via the password method. There is the number pad on the device, which allows you to type the password and access the device configuration menu.

Unlike the other biometric attendance systems, this product does not need any complicated software or installation. It’s a plug-and-play system, which records the data in a self-service recorder format. The data is stored in the Excel sheets, which you can transfer to the computer via USB cable or the USB drive. Also, the inbuilt software is powerful enough to configure the entire device with ease. With the one-year warranty on manufacturing defects, you got everything covered.

Why is the ZKTeco LX50 Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System a Great Choice?

When you browse the market, you usually spot the devices that are overpowered or underpowered. The small and medium businesses like the coaching centers, private offices, store owners, etc., find the devices that are too weak in performance and too powerful. But the ZKTeco LX50 Biometric attendance system is very efficient for the small and medium business owners. With all of the features that are useful for such users, it’s a great product, in our opinion.

Unlike other devices, this product does not need sophisticated software for configuration. It only works on the inbuilt software that records the data in the excel sheet. The users can download or transfer the Excel sheet to the computer or a USB Drive, which is very convenient. All-in-all, it’s an affordable product, which does not make any hole in the pockets of the buyers.

#4 - ESSL Standalone Biometric Attendance System

ESSL Standalone Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance System

The ESSL Standalone biometric attendance system is a great product that comes with all of the features that anyone asks for. It's one of the most popular products in India that you can find in almost all of the local government offices. Also, it's quite popular amongst the colleges in India, to lodge the attendance of the lecturers and the other administrative staff. The ESSL Standalone biometric attendance system is a standalone system, which means it does not need any computer or the power cable. It works on the batteries, and you can use the provided software for data transfer and attendance monitoring.

This product has the optical sensor for fingerprint recognition. Having the optical sensor reduces the false detection rate. This product has negligible false detection rates, which increases overall safety. Be it the failed detection of the false positives; there is no chance of you facing any of these issues. Even if it happens, then your fingerprint will be blamed and not the optical sensor. There are many people who are handicapped and have no fingers. It's a sad state of affairs, but this machine is perfectly suitable for such people. The users, who are not able to use the fingerprint authentication can opt for the card-based attendance.

The machine is a multifunctional one. You can easily install it with the door-locks so that the users who have lodged their attendance can pass through the door. It's quite useful for the offices that require the utmost privacy, as only the authorized persons can enter through the door. The attendance management options are quite intuitive. With the inbuilt software, you can manage and monitor every aspect of attendance management. The big color display shows you all the details. And the buttons provided on the machine can be used to enter the details and control all the configuration options in the machine.

The only issue with this machine is the customer support and the service. The users have to call the company to activate the device. The attendance management software should be activated by the authorized personnel to make it work. For some people, this may cause some issues and inconvenience. If that's not the issue with you, then it's a great product that is affordable and useful for almost every business employee's attendance requirements.

Why is the ESSL Standalone Biometric Attendance System a Great Choice? 

ESSL Biometric system is a standalone system, which works on its own. It comes with the battery pack, which powers the entire device. You have to keep the battery charged once in a while, and it will work on its own. The optical fingerprint sensor is very accurate, capturing the fingerprints with ease. The failure rate is negligible, according to the manufacturer, so the users won't have to worry about the performance of the same.

For those who are not able to use the fingerprints, can easily use the card-based attendance. The RFID cards are available with each device. Also, programming the RFID cards is easy with the third-party software programs and even with the device itself. Although the Activation might be an issue for some people, overall, it's a great product that is available at affordable pricing.

#5 - Realtime C121TA Biometric Attendance System 

Realtime Biometric Attendance Machine

Realtime C121TA is another great addition in our list of the best biometric attendance systems in India. You can spot this product in most of the banks and the government offices in India, as it's one of the most popular biometric attendance systems in India. The Realtime C121TA comes with the 2.4-inch color display for checking the details, notifications, and controlling the device. You can easily access the configuration menu using the buttons and the display on this product.

This is an offline product, which means it does not require any internet for working. You can easily configure the passwords, fingerprints, and the RFID cards into the system using the computer or even the inbuilt configuration menu. This device supports nearly 1,000 fingerprints, 1,000 RFID cards, and 1,000 passwords for the users. The users can easily use any of the available options for registering attendance with this system. The administrator and business owners can access detailed information on the attendance on their computers or the device itself.

The optical sensor for recognizing the fingerprints is quite fast. It recognizes the fingerprints in less than one seconds, which is a remarkable speed. Also, the rejection rate is 0.01%, and the false acceptance rate is 0.0001%, which is negligible. The false acceptance issue has been haunting the owners of biometric attendance systems, but with this machine, there is nothing to worry about the same. If you do not believe the fingerprint system that much, then you can use the passwords or the RFID cards for registering the attendance.

You can use compatible RFID cards with this machine. Just write the details to the RFID card using the third-party RFID machine or the Realtime C121TA attendance system itself. For proper functioning, this machine requires the power connection. Although it has the battery inbuilt, it is required for emergency power backup for a few hours. The package comes with the device itself, a power adapter, and one RFID card. For this price tag, Realtime C121TA is a great product that suits small and medium business requirements.

Why is the Realtime C121TA Biometric Attendance System a Great Choice? 

Realtime C121TA is a beautiful biometric attendance system. It's the powerful machine that can handle almost 3,000 people with ease. It supports 1,000 fingerprints, 1,000 RFID cards and 1,000 passwords. There is nothing to worry about the security, as the false acceptance rate of the biometric system is negligible. You can use any compatible RFID card with this machine, and it will work flawlessly.

Not just that, it comes with the 2.4-inch color display for showing the time and status while registering. Also, you can use the buttons and the display for configuring the device and access all the features. As the emergency power backup, the Realtime C121TA comes with the inbuilt battery, which provides the backup for a few hours with ease.

Buying Guide - Best Biometric Attendance System In India

#1 - Time Tracking 

The biometric attendance systems are used to keep track of employee attendance. The employers calculate the salaries based on the attendance of the employees. Well, the biometric attendance machine comes with a lot of features. While getting the machine for your needs, you should check if it only tracks the attendance or even tracks the attendance time. As the user punches in or out, the machine should record the time of the same. 

With time tracking, it'll become easier for employers to count the half-days, regular attendance, and overtime. Most of the time, the half-days and the overtimes are not counted effectively due to lack of time tracking in the older machines. That's why you should consider the machine that has a proper time tracking feature for the attendance management. 

#2 - Software Integration 

The biometric attendance system does not work out of the box. It should be configured with the database or employee management software program. If you have the same installed in the office computers, then make sure the biometric attendance system is compatible with the software. Some of the software programs for employee management require having only a simple fingerprint scanner, while the others support the full-fledged biometric systems. If the employee management system is integrated well with the machine, then you can be sure of the accurate database management and backups with the software. 

Integration is the first thing and only a one-time process. But the compatibility and the ease of use with software is essential. Sometimes, the installation procedure of the biometric attendance system might be a tedious task. If you have to call the customer support or the installation expert, then it's nothing but a hard task. Prefer the machines that can be installed by yourself. With the ease of installation, integration, and management, you'll get the best biometric attendance system in India that suits your attendance management needs. 

#3 - Accuracy 

Biometric data cannot be duplicated or forged. It's the unique thing that we humans have. As we are going to use the fingerprints for logging in to the system, it's essential for the machine to have a powerful and accurate sensor. Without an accurate sensor, using the biometric attendance system will be a painful task. If the sensor is weak or not so accurate, then there is a high chance that it will count the false positives and may allow the random persons to sign in to the office. That's why getting the top-notch biometric attendance system in India is essential that has the best-quality accurate fingerprint sensor and eyeris scanner. 

#4 - Smartphone Compatibility 

Nowadays, people are working from home. With the Work from Home culture, the offices are able to achieve high productivity and low administrative expenses. But as the employees are not at the office and working from home, the biometric machine is not required to lodge the attendance. Well, that's not the case as most of the modern biometric attendance systems have smartphone compatibility. 

With the native app for the smartphone, the employers can pair the device with multiple smartphones of the employees. In this way, the employees can lodge their attendance using the smartphone fingerprint sensor. This is very useful for the Work from Home employees and also for the employees who are out of the station due to office work. As this is a comparatively modern addition, this feature is available only on a few devices. 

#5 - Attendance Alerts 

This is the added feature but is an important one. With the attendance alerts, it becomes easier for the employers to cut the extra costs. Sometimes, the employees are busy at work and forget to punch out on time. This is mostly counted as overtime for the employees, and the employer has to pay the salary considering the overtime. Some witty employees use this trick to clock in the overtime hours for extra salary. 

But if the machine has the attendance alerts, then it can alert the employee to log in. Some machines provide the SMS facility over the cloud, and some are tightly integrated with the office computers that can send a notification to the users. Well, it's up to you if you are using it for the big office. If you are the owner of a small office or a place where you don't count overtime, then it's not necessary to check this feature. 

#6 - Extras 

The fingerprint is not the only biometric parameter. The eyeris and the handprints are also considered as biometrics. But most of the time, machines only consider the fingerprint as the biometric input. If you want something extra, then the advanced biometric attendance systems will have it. We are talking about additional measures. Most of the modern biometric attendance systems come with the RFID scanner. It's another form of getting the attendance registered with the RFID card provided to the employee. In case of the disability or any special reason, we can use the RFID card. This is another accurate way of lodging attendance. It's a complementary feature, but useful in many cases where the employer prefers contactless punching in and out. As this is the extra feature, you should consider the needs and choose to have the machine with extra features. 

#7 - Cost 

The Biometric Attendance System is a very useful device for the offices. Be it the small, medium, or large enterprises, installing a biometric system is a must-do thing. We have shared all other things to consider, but without knowing the budget, we cannot proceed further. The cheap biometric attendance systems are suitable for small or even super small offices. They are mostly hassle-free and easy to install machines. But when it comes to the accuracy and features, the cheap biometric attendance systems in India lack a lot. 

On the other side, high-quality biometric systems are very powerful. They have a lot of features and are easy to use. You won't find it hard to log in or out with the machine. Also, it's easy for the employer or system administrator to manage the system and attendance. Not just that, the biometric sensors are of the highest quality and are accurate. So, getting expensive or feature-rich biometric systems is a wise option. Although they are expensive and may be out of your budget, you should not choose cheap biometric machines at any cost, as they'll not provide much value. 

Final Words

Keeping the track record of the attendance of the employees and the students is essential for the businesses. Without the attendance details, it becomes impossible to manage the salaries of the employees and the educational performance of the students. Well, not just the employees, the biometric attendance system can be used in multiple ways. But, employee attendance and the student's attendance management are the major tasks that everyone has to take care of. With these best biometric attendance systems, it becomes easier to keep track of employee attendance and integrate it with the payroll system.

As there are a ton of products available in the market, you should do the proper research before shortlisting the best product. Fortunately, you don't have to do the in-depth research, as we've already done the same for your convenience. You can check out all of the best biometric attendance systems in India that we've listed in this post. All you have to do is to check out the product, compare the features with your requirements, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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