6 Best Calculators For Office In India

The calculators were one of the first computers that humans ever invented. It’s nothing but the simple machine that calculates a bunch of numbers. But, it is the basics of modern computing. Nowadays, you will see more calculators than the actual computers in this real world. In-office spaces, a small calculator, has more importance than computers. Go and visit the banks or financial institutions, you’ll see people still using the calculators, even when they can crunch the numbers on the computer itself.

The calculator is an essential office accessory. If you have the job of an accountant or anything related to money or mathematics, you need to have the calculator ready for calculations. The corporate calculations need accuracy, and you don’t want to rely on your mind to get accurate results. This is the best feature of calculators, which is that they never show inaccurate results.

Even though the calculators have very less computing power than the actual computers, it’s very efficient for quick and accurate calculations. Choosing the best calculator for office is a tedious task. You cannot go to the market and buy any office calculator. You have to assess the needs, check out the features of the available products, compare the features, and choose the one that fits in your budget.

That’s why choosing the best office calculator is a tedious task. Fortunately, we’ve done the research for your needs. In this post, you’ll find detailed information about all of the best calculators for office in India. After checking the needs of the people, we decided to research and list the best products in this post. So, check out the best calculator products available on the Amazon Marketplace.

6 Best Calculators for Office 2020

#1 - Casio MJ-12DA Desktop Calculator for Office 

Casio is one of the well-known brands in the office stationery industry. They do have a lot of products that are used in the offices. The Casio MJ-12DA desktop calculator is one such amazing product from the company. This office calculator comes with all of the necessary features for any office user. From the GT button, K constant, all mathematical functions, and the Auto replay and erase button, it works just like any other calculator.

The Casio MJ-12DA comes with a few interesting features. It has the auto replay button, which shows you the quick replay of the inputs and the key presses. So, if you are not sure about the calculation order, you can hit the AutoReplay button to get a glimpse to cross-check. The 12 Digit layout is useful for almost all of the basic transactional calculations. Also, the large display is very useful in varied lighting conditions. Be it the bright lighting or no lighting; it works flawlessly.

If you are doing some high-speed calculations, then this product is highly recommended. The Casio MJ-12DA calculator comes with the 150 steps check and correct. This means it stores the last 150 steps and lets you check the same. Also, you can correct any wrong number with ease for accurate calculations. This product also comes with the “Backspace” key. If you enter a wrong digit in a number by mistake, then you can delete the same with a backspace key. It’s useful if you only have to erase a digit and not the entire number.

For the Indian users, this product comes with the comma separator. It becomes easier to count the Lakhs and Crores on this calculator with the comma separator. You don’t have to worry about powering this device. It comes with the standard battery cell and the solar charging option. The high-quality solar panel strip generates electricity from the light and keeps charging this device. So, you don’t have to worry about keeping this device charged by changing the cell. It won’t cost you a fortune to buy this excellent device for your office requirements.

Why is the Casio MJ-12DA Calculator a Great Choice? 

Casio is one of the well-known brands in the industry. The high-quality calculators from Casio are considered as the best in the market. With all the features, the Casio MJ-12DA calculator becomes the great choice for offices. It comes with the dual power source. One is a standard battery cell, and one is a solar panel strip. Both power sources keep the device alive for a long time.

Also, the sturdy construction helps the product stay in the working condition for a long time. The best thing I found about this product is the key design. The keys are very soft and do not require much pressure to activate. Also, the keys are slightly curved, so you won’t feel any finger strain after high-speed calculations in the office.

#2 - Casio MJ-120GST Professional GST Calculator 

Casio MJ-120GST GST Calculator

If you are working in the trading company that has to deal with the Goods and Services Tax, then you have to get the Casio MJ-120GST calculator. This is one of the best GST Calculators in India. The Indian government implemented the new GST tax regime. To help ease the calculations of the transactions with GST percentage, this calculator from Casio is very helpful. It’s another great product from Casio on this list.

For the newbies, Casio MJ-120GST is a simple calculator with a bunch of extra keys. It has memory functions, normal mathematical functions, and an auto-replay button. But it’s designed especially for those dealing with the GST. It comes with the Five GST slab keys with the 0, 5, 12, 18, and 28 percentage values. You can press the corresponding keys to calculate the value with the right GST slab. It’s very useful for the traders who constantly have to calculate the applicable GST on the products.

There is a special Tax and GST+ mode in the calculator. This mode is added for those who have to keep adding and removing the GST portions from the calculations. The Tax mode removes the GST percentage, while the GST+ mode adds the GST percentage value to the total. The GST buttons support the CGST, SGST, and IGST values. The Casio MJ-120GST calculator comes with the “F” slider button. This button is useful for rounding off the calculations. You can round off the calculations upto five decimals with this slider key.

You get the 200 steps check and correct memory, GST Grand Total function key, function command signs, 12-Digit Display, and the Indian comma separator for counting in Lakhs and Crores. You might think it is an expensive product, but it’s not. It’s one of the most powerful and affordable GST calculators for Office you can buy on the Amazon Marketplace.

Why is the Casio MJ-120GST Calculator a Great Choice? 

The businesses have to adapt to the GST tax regime in India. The manual calculation of GST rates on the normal calculation is very complicated. But with the GST calculator like Casio MJ-120GST, it has become easier. The best thing about this product is the dedicated GST slab keys. The dedicated keys for calculating the GST slabs speeds up the calculations.

Even though it has advanced Tax functions, it does retain the basic functionality. With the normal mathematical functions, even a newbie can easily operate this office calculator. As this product is made by Casio, you don’t have to worry about the build quality, as it’s very nice and will help the product sustain for a long time.

#3 - Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator for Offices

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

When it comes to the advanced and scientific calculators, you cannot forget the Texas Instruments. The Texas Instruments BA II Plus is one of the best financial calculators for offices in India. It comes with almost all of the necessary functions for the financial calculations. That does not mean that it cannot work as the basic calculator. You can use the basic functions like Sum, Multiply, Divide, and subtract with ease.

Calculating the time value of the money, mortgages, percentages, taxes, depreciation, etc. is possible with the Texas Instruments BA II Plus calculator. You can easily perform all of the calculations without any issue. You can use the calculator in normal mode and also in the worksheet mode with ease. Also, the device stores the previous worksheets in the memory, so you can easily access the old work in this calculator.

The alpha-numeric Display supports only 10-digits. But as it’s being used as the financial calculator, you are going to use the Alphabetical part of this calculator too. So, the 10-Digit limit is very useful for the complex calculations in the accounting scene. The keys layout is very appropriate. So, using this calculator won’t be hard for all of the experts. From the heavy-duty finance calculations to the basic EMI calculations, it’s easier for the users to start using this calculator.

The powerful processor and enough storage capacity make it one of the best calculators for Office. As it’s made by the Texas Instruments, the build quality is sturdy. For this pricing, you will not get anything better than the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator.

Why is the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Calculator a Best Choice? 

The financial calculators are used for complex calculations. With the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Calculator, you can easily perform such complex calculations. From counting annuity, depreciation, mortgage, and many others. It’s pretty easy to use this calculator due to the simple key layout.

For first time users, this might be difficult to use a calculator. But with the simple layout and the user manual provided in the package, you can learn every function of this calculator. The best thing about this product is the pricing. The pricing is very affordable to anyone. You should grab this product as soon as possible because you won’t get much value in any of the calculators at this price point.

#4 - Bambalio BL-555M 12-Digits Basic Calculator for Office 

Bambalio 12 Digits Big Display Electronic Calculator

It’s difficult to choose the best office calculators as there are a lot of basic calculators available in the market. If you only need the basic calculators, then a wise decision is all you need. The Bambalio BL-555M 12-Digit Basic calculator for office is the best choice for normal calculators. It’s the basic calculator that is suitable for the simple calculations at the offices.

This device comes with a big 12-digit display. The display shows the minor details like the calculation signs and the number of total steps. It also comes with the Check and correct feature. With the support for 112 steps check, you can easily check the previous steps and correct them if you’ve made any mistakes. Bambalio BL-555M 12-Digits basic calculator has all of the basic calculation functions. From the GT, Square roots, MU, MRC, M+, and M- keys, you can get most work done from this calculator.

As this is the office calculator, it comes with high-quality plastic construction. The keys are soft to press and have a slight curve. So, this provides an excellent user experience and increases the working speed of the user. If you are willing to buy this product for the high-speed calculations, then you won’t get disappointed with the performance and accuracy of this calculator.

Why is the Bambalio BL-555M Calculator a Great Choice? 

The Bambalio BL-555M basic calculator comes with the multiple power sources. It has the standard battery cell and also the solar panel strip to power up the calculator. Both ways are reliable for continuous usage. Also, the manufacturer has tested the calculators for approximately 1million hits per key. It can sustain super heavy usage until the 1 million hits without the keys getting compressed. According to a few users, the calculator works just fine after key compression.

The durability is the key factor that I liked the most. According to the information supplied by the manufacturer, the solar panel strip is rated for 10+ years of durability. Also, high-quality plastic constructions protect the internal circuitry from the fall damage. The high-quality plastic does not break or shatter even if you drop it multiple times from the desk. With the affordable price tag, it’s one of the best simple calculators available in the market.

#5 - Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Graphic Calculator 

Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Graphic Calculator

The engineers and the physicists won’t find joy in using the basic calculators. They need scientific calculators for working efficiently in the office. For the complex engineering and physics calculators, using the Scientific calculator is the best idea. The Casio FX-CG50 graphic scientific calculator is the best option for those engineers and physicists who have to use the advanced calculators in the office.

The graphic calculators are useful for the engineers and the physicists. The Casio FX-CG50 graphic calculator comes with more than 2900 functions supported for those who are going to need it. You will find all of the algebraic, trignometric, statistical, and calculus functions available for calculation. This calculator comes with the advanced 3D graphic option, which lets you create the graphs and print the diagrams from the equations with ease. The graphical simulation helps you to check if the equational calculations are accurate or not.

As the graphing feature is advanced, you get multiple options with the same. From List based statistics, Regression, and Graph plots, you can use this calculator for advanced calculations. It comes with a good amount of memory for checking and correcting features. Not just that, it has multiple programs stored in the memory. It comes with the USB cable for transferring the supported apps and programs to this calculator.

Casio provides the one year warranty on this product. Thanks to the durable construction, you don’t have to worry about availing the warranty claim from the company. The powerful battery lasts for nearly two years of continuous usage, which is appreciable. This is one of the most expensive calculators available in the market. But, considering the use case and the available feature set, this calculator is worth every penny you spend.

Why is the Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Calculator a Great Choice? 

The basic calculators are useful for everyone. But, scientific calculators are used by only qualified professionals. Mostly, the engineers and the physicists use scientific calculators due to the availability of useful features. The Casio FX-CG50 scientific calculator supports all of the engineering functions useful in real life. With the graphing mode, the users can create 6X6 graphical illustrations on the big screen.

The Casio FX-CG50 calculator supports basic programming. You can use the inbuilt apps or even load the third-party compatible apps in this calculator. This provides the ultimate customizability to the users. In short, it’s a great choice for professionals like Engineers who use such devices in the office environment.

#6 - ORPAT OT-512GT Basic Calculator 

Orpat OT-512GT Calculator

You might know the ORPAT OT-512GT calculator as you can spot it in most of the offices. It’s the most popular basic calculator for offices in India. Not just the offices, but it is also popular amongst the home users. For the basic calculations, it’s the best and cheapest product available in the market. You can find hundreds of first-copies of this product in the market, which tells you about the popularity of the product in the Indian market.

The ORPAT OT-512GT basic calculator comes with all of the basic mathematical functions. From the addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentage, you get every button on this device. The large 12-Digit LCD display is the best thing I found about this product. The LCD display shows the numbers very clear and also it stays the same even after using it for a long time. The Markup, Grand Total, and Correct are the three special keys provided by the manufacturer in this basic calculator.

The 120-Steps check and correct feature is the plus point of this device. The 120-steps check may not seem sufficient, but it’s made for the lightweight usage in the offices. So, there won’t be any issues with the same. Just like the other calculators we’ve mentioned in this list, the ORPAT OT-512GT comes with the dual power source. The primary source is the standard 2V battery cell, and the secondary source is the Solar cell. The solar cell charges the battery cell in the bright lighting conditions. So, you will never get issues with the power depletion.

The overall construction of this device is very sturdy. The high-quality plastic used in manufacturing makes it a strong product. It can survive falls from the office desks. Also, the soft keys are tested for nearly a million times for durability. So, it will last for a long time even after using it daily for high-speed calculations. You don’t have to worry about the pricing as it is the cheapest calculator for offices in India.

Why is the ORPAT OT-512GT a Great Choice? 

For normal people, basic calculators are the best. The ORPAT OT-512GT is one such amazing basic calculator available in the market. With the sturdy design and the soft keys, it’s excellent to use in the offices, shops or even in the homes. The large 12-Digit LCD display makes everything look better. You can spot the numbers even after having the weak eyesight.

With all of the basic functions, special functions like the 120-Steps check, correct, GT, and others, it provides a lot more than expected. As it’s the most affordable basic calculator in India, you can’t expect more from this product.

Final Words 

You don’t want to rely on humans when it comes to the accurate number counting. The calculators perform the job easily and quickly, which is all we need in the offices. Office calculators help the employees to achieve higher productivity levels, as manually crunching the numbers is a time consuming task.

In this post, we tried our best to list the best calculators for office in India. It’s pretty complicated to find and shortlist the best products, as there are hundreds of calculators available in the market. But after performing thorough research, we got this list of the best office calculators. All you have to do is to check out all of these products and choose the best one that suits your needs.

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