5 Best Ink Tank Printers For Office In India

Office printers are always under a heavy workload. As it’s used in the offices, almost everyone uses the printer to get the documents printed. Well, the traditional ink cartridge printers work very well with office use. But, due to the small and expensive ink cartridges, it’s quite unaffordable for most of the offices. The small ink cartridges run out very fast, and you have to replace them quite often. 

To avoid the expensive ink cartridges and the hassle of replacing the same, the ink tank printers were introduced in the market. The ink tank printers, as the name suggests, have the ink tanks for storing the ink. The ink tanks are quite large in size and accommodate nearly 70ml or more ink. These printers come with the four ink tanks, one each for black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. As the tanks can store more ink, there is no need for frequent refilling the same. 

Unlike traditional printers, the best ink tank printers are useful for the heavy workload. The traditional cartridge-based printers can print almost 300-400 pages on average per cartridge loadout. But the ink tank printers can print almost 1000 pages on average per tank refill. You may find cheaper ink cartridges, but the cost of replacing them is quite high. 

Also, if you don’t use the printer for quite some time, then the cartridges dry up. But the ink tanks store the ink just as it is. That’s why the Best ink tank printers for offices in India are used widely. If you are willing to get the best ink tank printer for your office premises, then you should act quickly and get one. Although buying any office accessory requires in-depth research, most of the people refrain from doing so. You don’t have to worry about the in-depth research, as we’ve already done the same for your convenience. In this post, you’ll find a few best ink tank printers for India. Check out the list and get the best one that suits your requirement. 

Top 5 Best Ink Tank Printers For Office In India 

#1 - Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-one Wireless Ink Tank Printer

Canon G3000 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer

If you are looking for something recommended by a lot of people, including Amazon, then you should go with the Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One wireless ink tank printer. The Canon Pixma G3000 is one of the top-rated ink tank printers for the office. It’s an all-in-one wireless printer that can print, scan, and copy the documents with ease. As it’s a wireless office printer, using it in the office premises is very convenient. Just connect it to the power source and to the WiFi network to start printing the documents. 

Not just the WiFi, but you can use the USB cable and the Canon Selphy app for using this printer. So, if you don’t have the WiFi in your office or don’t want to connect it to the same, then you have other connectivity options. This printer is quite fast compared to the other printers. The Canon Pixma G3000 wireless printer can print 8.8 images per minute in black ink. Also, it prints five images per minute in the color printing mode. 

The big ink tanks in this printer are enough for printing thousands of documents and images. According to the manufacturer, this printer can print nearly 6000 black and white pages and 7000 color pages with a single refill of ink tanks. The integrated ink tanks are visible on the front side. You can spot the black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink tanks on the front side of the printer. With the transparent housing, you can ensure the tanks are not empty and refill it whenever they are empty. 

If you print quite a good amount of documents and images, then the Canon Pixma G3000 is a great choice. It gives a higher page yield with the ink tank system. Also, it’s cost-effective for high-volume printing. For the black ink pages, it costs only nine paise per page, and for the color page, it costs only 32 paise per page as per the ISO standards. It’s Amazon’s Choice, and you should not ignore it when the product is marked as the chosen product on the Amazon Marketplace. For this price, it’s one of the best ink tank printers for office use in India. 

Why is the Canon Pixma G3000 Wireless Printer a Great Choice?

People always assume that Wireless printers are slow in printing the documents. Canon Pixma G3000 is a wireless printer, yet not a slow one. With the commendable speed of 8.8 iPM for black and white printing and 5iPM for color printing, you can’t expect more. If you think the WiFi connection is causing the slow printing, then you can easily connect the same with your computer via a USB cable. 

This printer supports the GI-790 ink bottles of Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow colors. The black ink tank can accommodate two ink bottles as the black tank is bigger in size. For this price tag, the product comes with two bottles of Black ink, and one bottle each for Yellow, Cyan and Magenta color. Free color bottles are the best thing I found about this product. 

#2 - HP 410 All-in-one Ink Tank Printer for Office 

HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer

HP 410 All-in-one Wireless Ink tank Printer is one of the best seller products on the Amazon marketplace in India. There are only a few smart printers that support the voice commands. The HP 410 ink tank printer is one of them. This printer is all-in-one, so it supports the printing, scanning, and copying tasks with ease. Also, it’s a wireless gadget, which needs the WiFi connection for wireless printing. HP has provided the smartphone app and the USB cable with this printer as the connectivity option. 

For those who have a high volume of printing, this one is the suitable option. The HP provides the four ink bottles of Black, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta colors. The color ink tank is enough for printing the 8000 pages, and the blank ink tank is enough for printing nearly 5000 pages with ease. As HP 410 wireless printer comes with the effortless refill, you don’t have to worry about any spillage. The ink tank has the filler cap, which connects with the cartridge, and that’s how you fill the tank. Fortunately, the page yield is very high compared to the other brands. For the black and white printing, it costs ten paise per page, and for the color printing, it costs only 18 paise, which is one of the lowest rates per page for color printing. 

Due to the heavy workload capacity, it is suitable for the office environment. You can easily print on the different paper sizes. This printer supports the A4, B5, A6, DL, Envelope, Duplex Print, and manual printing on other paper sizes. The best thing about this product is the voice assistant support. You can print anything with this printer from the voice commands. Alexa and Google Assistant are supported for voice printing. So, it’s quite easy to print with this product. 

Thanks to the high-quality components, the prints are super fine. You can easily print the documents and never see any ink stains on the paper. The transparent ink tanks on the side look attractive. The same ink tanks are transparent, and you can check out the ink levels with ease. In the package, you’ll get four bottles of HP GT51 and GT51XL black color ink. All you have to do is to fill the ink, connect to the power source, and start printing the documents and photos. 

Why is the HP 410 All-In-One Ink Tank Printer a Great Choice? 

HP is one of the well-known brands in the printer industry. Along with the high-quality printer lineup, they have earned the name. The HP 410 all-in-one, ink tank printer, is one of the best from their lineup. With the advanced connectivity options like WiFi, USB, Smartphone app, and voice assistant support, printing has become easier. Also, the large ink tank is enough for printing 4000 to 8000 pages in a single refill. 

The best thing I found about his product is high-resolution printing. It supports 4800X1200 pixels high-resolution printing in color. Due to the same, you can easily print the images and photos on the supported paper. For this price tag, it’s the best ink tank printer with voice assistant support for offices you can get in the market. 

#3 - Brother DCP-T710W Wireless Ink Tank Printer 

Brother DCP-T710W Inktank Refill System Printer

Brother printers are quite famous in the office spaces. Most of the corporates prefer using the brother printers, as they are heavy duty. The Brother DCP-T710W all-in-one printer is a heavy-duty product. It’s an Ink Tank system printer with wireless connectivity support. It comes with a lot of features that you may find useful in the office spaces. It supports the ink tank system with four colors, i.e., Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. So, you can print in monochrome and color modes with ease. 

As it’s a heavy-duty wireless ink tank printer, the printing speed is very good. In monochrome mode, Brother DCP-T710W can print with the speed of 12 ppm, and in color printing mode, it can print at the speed of 10 ppm. These speeds are very commendable in the office spaces, as it’s faster than most of the office printers in India. If your requirements are to print more than 300 pages per month, then this is the best option. You can even use it in the homes for personal printing requirements. 

To control the printer, Brother has provided the One-line LCD backlit pane and the full control panel. The control panel consists of the buttons that are useful in controlling the functions. You can Scan, Copy, and print any document or image with this printer. The support for the variety of paper sizes is the best thing we found about this product. Brother DCP-T710W supports Mexico Legal, India Legal, A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Envelopes, Letter, Folio, Executive, and many other sizes with ease. Having the support for Legal papers is an essential addition to this product, as it’s quite important for printing the legal contracts. 

Brother DCP-T710W has the capacity for printing 2500 papers per month. Most of the other office printers have less than 500 papers per month printing cycle, which is very low. That’s why this is the heavy-duty printer suitable for corporate and professional printing needs. Brother India is providing the one year or 50,000 pages warranty on this product, which is very reasonable at this price tag. In short, it’s one of the best heavy-duty ink tank printers for offices in India.

Why is the Brother DCP-T710W Ink Tank Printer a Great Choice? 

The offices of corporates and professionals require a heavy-duty printer. Other lightweight printers are good for small offices. But for the big offices, the heavy-duty ink tank printers like Brother DCP-T710W are the best choice. On the connectivity side, it comes with the WiFi, WiFi Direct, and USB cable support. Also, you can use it as the standalone Copier and printer. 

The best thing we found about this product is the printing speed. It has the fastest printing speed compared to the other products on this list. With the printing speed of 27 papers per minute in monochrome and 23 papers per minute in the color mode, the Brother DCP-T710W Ink tank printer becomes the best printer for heavy-duty office use in India. 

#4 - Epson L4150 All-in-one Ink Tank Printer 

Epson L4150 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer

Epson is one of the leaders in the printers industry for a long time. The Epson L4150 is the top of the line wireless ink tank printer from the company. The Epson L4150 all-in-one wireless printer is suitable for the low to moderate printing usage in the offices. You can even use it in the home, but the pricing is only good for office usage and not for personal usage. As the name suggests, it’s an all-in-one printer, which means it can Copy, Scan, and Print the documents and photos with ease. Also, it’s a wireless device, which you can connect to the WiFi network and wirelessly print the documents and images without any issues. 

The ink tank can accommodate more ink than the cartridges. So, there is no need to constantly replace the cartridges. With the black and white ink, you can print nearly 7,500 pages, and with the color ink, you can print approximately 6,000 pages with ease. The higher printing yield is beneficial for the offices, as it helps them save some money. The printing speed of Epson L4150 is good with the black and white mode but not with the color mode. The Epson L4150 has the printing speed of 33 pages per minute with the black and white mode. But in the color mode, it can only print 15 pages per minute. The color printing is quite slow, but you get high-quality prints, so that’s acceptable. 

Having the ability to print on a variety of papers is beneficial for any office printer. The Epson L4150 ink tank printer supports the A4, B4, A5, B5, A6, B6, envelopes, Letters, and Legal papers with ease. Also, it can print on the DL, C6, and the manual Duplex print on all of the papers. For legal professionals, it’s very useful to have support for Legal papers. Indian bond papers of any denomination are easy to print with this ink tank printer from Epson. 

The compact and sturdy design makes this all-in-one ink tank printer look stunning. The shiny black exterior suits all of the office spaces. The ink tank is located on the front side and has the transparent glass cover. Due to the transparency, you can easily look inside the tank and refill the ink. Also, the easy to fill spill-proof ink bottles help you fill the ink tank with quickly without wasting any of the ink. It might look expensive at first glance at the price tag, but it’s worth spending the money on this high-quality office printer. 

Why is the Epson L4150 Ink Tank Printer a Great Choice? 

The wireless printers are slow in printing most of the time. But that’s not the case with the Epson L4150 ink tank printer. With the normal WiFi and WiFi Direct, you can connect this printer to up to four devices. Not just the WiFi, but you can use the USB cable to connect this device to the computer network and print the documents with ease. 

The best thing we found about this product is the convenient ink tank refill system. The Epson L4150 ink tank printer comes with the big ink tanks. Also, the company provides the spill-free convenient ink bottles for easy refill. You don’t have to worry about any spillage with these ink bottles. So, it’s convenient to use and priced perfectly for office usage. 

#5 - HP 115 Single-Function Ink Tank Printer for Office 

HP 115 Color Single Function Ink Tank Printer

The small offices don’t have much requirement for printing the documents. But still, it’s an essential product that’s useful for light printing requirements. The HP 115 single-function ink tank printer is one such amazing product for the small professionals and the offices. It’s a single-function ink tank printer, which means it can only print the documents and not the scanning or copying. There are many people who find such single-function printers useful, as scanning and copying is not the primary requirement for them. 

The HP 115 single function printer only supports the USB connectivity and does not have wireless connectivity. Also, it has the printing speed of 7.5 pages per minute in black and white mode and 4.5 pages per minute in the color printing mode. The printing speed is not that good, but the overall capacity is very high compared to the other similar products. It has a printing cycle of 1000 pager per month, which is very high for a single function printer. If your requirements are printing more than 300 pages per month, then it’s the ideal choice for your requirements. 

This single-function ink tank printer has quite a big ink tank comparing the overall size. In a single refill, it can print 6000 black and white documents and 8000 color documents with ease. The numbers are according to the ISO standards in India. HP 115 printer supports multiple types of pages. It supports A5, A4, B5, B6, DL, and Envelopes. Also, you can do the manual duplex printing on any of the paper sizes with ease. As the HP 115 printer has a single function, it does not have any buttons on the machine. So, the minimalistic look provides the ultimate sleekness to this product. 

Even though it’s a small printer, don’t think it will provide shady prints. According to the manufacturer, this machine prints with the optimal resolution of 4800X1200 pixels. It’s the finest print you can get on any single-function printer. In the package, you get free color bottles of Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow color. Just fill-up the ink tanks, connect the device to the power outlet and computer to start printing the documents and the images. 

Why is the HP 115 Single-Function Ink Tank Printer a Great Choice? 

Most of the single-function printers in the market are not that great for office use. But fortunately, this printer is not the same. HP 115 single-function printer works very well in the office usage conditions. You can easily print more than 1000 pages per month without any issues. For low to medium usage in the office, it’s the best option. 

The best thing we found about this product is the printing capacity. With the printing cycle of a maximum of 1000 pages per month, you can get more from this single-function printer. Most of the printers that have the same capacity are pretty expensive. But with the four-digit price tag, it’s one of the most affordable products you can purchase from Amazon Marketplace. 

Best Ink Tank Printers - Buying Guide

#1 - Printing Speed 

 Printing speed is the first most important point that you should consider. It doesn’t matter what type of printer you are going to buy, the first thing you should do is check the printing speed: the higher the printing speed, the better the printer. Although the ink tank printers usually have comparatively slow speeds to the laser printers, they are often sufficiently fast. 

For home usage or color printing, the slow printing speed is acceptable. For the normal monochrome printing, which we often choose for printing the documents, the average printing speed should be 20 to 25 pages per minute. There are many ink tank printer models that can print more than 30 pages per minute. If you are willing to buy the ink tank printer for office usage, you should opt for the printer with good printing speed. If you neglect the printing speed, then you are going to waste your money. 

#2 - Yield

Yield or Page Yield is the term specifically used for the Ink tank printers. Page yield means the number of pages a single full ink cartridge can print. More the printing yield, the better performance the printer will give. Also, it’s quite cost-effective to have an ink tank printer that has a greater page yield. For example, the normal ink tank printer intended for home use can have a page yield of 4,000 to 5,000 pages. That means you can print nearly 5,000 pages before replacing the ink cartridge. For color printing, the page yield will be significantly lower due to the increased use of ink. But for monochrome printing, the ink tank printers will have an average page yield of 4,000 to 5,000 pages. So, having a better page yield will be convenient and cost-effective in many ways for office use. In short, choose the ink tank printer that has better page yield, usually a great yield than 5,000 pages. 

#3 - Print Quality / Print Resolution  

Many people use the phrase “Print Resolution.” That is nothing but Print quality. The printing quality of the high-end printers is top-notch. You won’t find any dull spots, bad printing patches, inkblots, and even pixelated prints. That’s the feature of the high-end printers. But if you buy some cheap printers, then you’ll automatically sacrifice the printing quality.

Most of the time, people prefer high-speed ink tank printers. At the same time, that’s good for monochrome printing but not good for color printing. With the higher speeds, you usually lose the printing quality. Make sure that the ink tank printer you are shortlisting supports high-resolution printing and has decent speed. It is not advisable to sacrifice the print quality for the printing speed. 

#4 - Multi-Functionality

In these modern days, if you are buying just an Ink tank printer that does only one job of printing, then everyone will laugh at you. That will be the dumbest decision you’ll ever take. Most of the modern-day printers come with multiple features. The most common features are Print, Copy, and Fax. with these three functions, you can easily do all of the essential office tasks. The multipurpose printer will help you save money, time, and also space. You should not buy a scanner, a printer, and a fax machine separately. Most modern printer manufacturers offer the Multipurpose ink tank printers at affordable prices. It doesn’t matter if you are buying an Ink tank printer for home or office; you should always choose the one that has multiple functions.

#5 - Automatic Document Feeder 

This is a comparatively new technology that is being helpful to millions of people. The automatic document feeder is a feature in which the printer intakes a batch of multiple documents and automatically scans, prints, and even faxes them one by one. This ADF feature saves a lot of time for the users. It’s nothing but automatically taking the documents one-by-one and doing all the tasks without manually changing the sides or doing anything. For the duplex printing or scanning the multiple documents, this feature becomes extremely useful as it provides ultimate convenience to the user.  

For advanced users, there are two types of Automatic Document feeder. The first one is the Reverse Automatic Document Feeder. This type of ADF scans the single side of the page at a time. To scan the other side, it mechanically flips the page and then scans it again. It’s convenient, but it takes a lot of time. 

The second is the Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder. This type of feeder scans the document in a single GO. in DADF, the printer has two scanning heads, which scans both sides of the pages in a single input. This type of ADF is pretty fast and saves a lot of time. 

#6 - Duty Cycle 

Duty Cycle is the term used to describe the total number of pages a printer can print in a month. It also indicates the rated printing capacity of the machine. After printing for a few hours, the machine has to take the rest for better printing. The Duty Cycle suggests the overall printing performance of the machine each month. The performance may vary due to different factors, but the Duty Cycle is the indicator of the machine's average printing capacity. Having a higher duty cycle or the printing capacity of the ink tank printer is an advantage. If you are buying it for home usage, then you can ignore this point. But for office usage, it’s an important factor. In short, always buy the printer with an overall printing capacity or duty cycle more than your monthly printing needs.  

#7 - Connectivity Options 

The printer needs to be connected with the computer for scanning, printing, or sending the fax. You can still use the printer for scanning and printing even if you don’t have a computer. But for connecting with the computer, you need to have decent connectivity options. In the old days, we only had the Printer port. But the old days are gone, and we are in a new age. Nowadays, having multiple connectivity options is very convenient for users. There are USB cables,  Network cables, and even Wireless options. 

The USB and Network cable option is very common in all types of printers. You can connect it to a single computer via a USB cable or connect it to the network via Ethernet cable. But with the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity option, you can wirelessly connect any supported device like Smartphones, Tablets, and even laptops for wireless printing. Some of the printers often support Cloud printing, which is an excellent feature. If your needs demand having convenient and cloud printing, then make sure to choose the ink tank printers that have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

#8 - Cost Per Print 

Considering the Cost per Print is an important point that most people neglect. If you are buying a Printer for frequent usage, then checking out the overall cost per Print is an important thing you should do. Cost per Print is nothing but the money you are spending to get a single piece of a document printer. This is calculated by dividing the Cartridge price by page yield. Less the Cost per Print, the more cost-effective the printer is. Ideally, the average Cost Per Print should not exceed One Rupee. If it’s less than that, then you are good. But always check the CPP and then choose the ink tank printer that has lesser CPP. 

Final Words

While choosing the best ink tank printer for office in India, you have to be careful. Doing research is the essential part of buying office printers. If you choose the wrong product that does not suit your requirements and the budget, it’s nothing but the frustration for you. That’s why considering a few core points is very important. 

You should consider the brand, quality of printing, additional features, and the pricing of the office printer before choosing the best. We’ve done the same and shortlisted these best ink tank printers for the office. You don’t have to do manual research on the internet, and we’ve done the same for your convenience. This list of the best office printers in India contains all the products that pass the essential business requirements. 

Be it the branding, quality, features, and pricing; our team has considered each and every aspect. So, all you have to do now is to check all the products, check the features, and your budget. After that, you have to choose the one that suits your office printing needs and buy it from the Amazon marketplace. 

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