5 Best Note Counting Machines In India

The brick and mortar shops in the big and small cities still have the business in cash. In India, electronic payment methods are new and not widely adopted. That’s why almost every business runs on the cash. The people pay in cash, and businesses receive cash. In short, banks are not the only place where you can see a lot of cash. The small and medium businesses in India still rely on cash transactions for almost everything. Most of the businesses transact in the high-volume cash currency notes. For such transactions, the best note counting machine is required for counting the currency notes.

Accuracy and speed matter a lot in the cash transactions. The human error may cost some money to the business owner each time. To avoid such issues, it is essential to buy the best note counting machine in India for your business. Don’t think that note counting machines in India are made only for the banks and the jewellers. Almost all of the brick and mortar shops and businesses that deal in the cash should have atleast one small machine for note counting in the office.

There are a lot of products in the market that may serve your needs. The note counting machines do have a lot of features that you will find interesting and useful for your business. You should not let your business cost fortune due to frequent human errors in counting the currency notes. If you are facing such issues in business, it’s the high time to get yourself the best note counting machine and avoid the issues with note counting in your business.

The note counting machines are capable of counting the majority of the currency notes with ease. The speed and accuracy is what matters the most. All of the note counting machines are trusted and approved by the BIS authority of India. So, if you are having any doubts about the authenticity of such machines, then you should not worry about anything. If you are willing to buy the machine to count the notes, then you are in the right place. We’ve already completed the research of the best note counting machines in India, that are available for online purchase. You can check out the comprehensive list of all of the products that we have listed and choose the best one that suits your needs and the budget.

5 Best Note Counting Machines In India 

#1 - OOZE Note Counting Machine with Fraud Currency Detection 

ooze Note Counting :Currency Counting Machine

The OOZE note counting machine is the most popular note counting machine in India. You can spot this machine in almost every bank and the businesses that deal with the cash transactions. The ooze note counting machine is a great product that helps users with fraud detection features. The machine comes with the sensor to detect the fake currency notes. With this feature, millions of users love it as it eliminates the chances of receiving fake notes.

The ooze note counting machine has some advanced features. It can detect the fake currency notes by using the ultraviolet and magnetic detection method. As all of the Indian currency notes have ultraviolet and magnetic detection points, the machine can distinguish between the real and fake notes with ease. Not just the fake notes, but it can detect the narrow notes and broken notes with ease. The sensor detects such notes and automatically stops the counting, indicating that you have defective currency notes in the bundle.

This machine comes with the automatic functions like Start, Stop and reset option. The micro touch switches along with the LED display, which indicates the warning and the note count. The speed of this machine is commendable, as it can count 1000 notes in each batch within a few seconds. For the banks and the big cash-only businesses, this machine is the perfect match.

If you are finding it hard to use the machine with a small LED display, you can attach the additional external display for convenience. In the banks, this is useful as it is essential to show the note count to the customers for cross-verification. It is one of the most popular and the most affordable note counting machines in India. It’s available on the Amazon marketplace, and hundreds of happy customers have left the positive feedback about this machine.

Why is the OOZE Note Counting Machine a Great Choice? 

OOZE note counting machine is one of the most popular products in India. Its main features are accuracy and speed. Also, fake currency detection is one of the best features of this product. As a businessman dealing in cash, you should require a powerful note counting machine that detects the fake currency and counts the currency with fast speed. Ooze note counting machine got everything you need.

There is a small LED display which shows you the note count. You can easily watch the realtime count of the notes on this display. If you are facing issues seeing numbers on this display, then you can attach an external LED display for showing the numbers. In short, it’s a perfect currency counter machine for businesses and shops.

#2 - Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counting Machine 

Godrej Crusader Lite

Godrej is the most reputed brand in India that has a multitude of products in different categories. the home security products from Godrej are top-notch and revered as one of the top brands in India when it comes to home security. Not just home security, but industrial security solutions are beneficial for the concerned parties. The Godrej Crusader Lite note counter machine is one such amazing product.

The Godrej Crusader Lite note counting machine is a heavy-duty note counter machine in India. The device is made for heavy usage, mostly in the banks and other financial institutions that deal majorly in cash transactions. This product is capable of counting the loose notes but not the note bundles. IT has the auto fake note detection sensors that warn you if any of the currency notes are fake.

The Automatic Ultraviolet, Magnetic and Infrared sensors do sense the note identification marks and confirm if it's the legit note or not. If it's a note, then you'll immediately hear the buzzer indicating that there is a fake note in the bundle. as the indicator buzzer starts ringing, the machine stops counting at the fake note. So, you can remove the phoney note easily and continue with the counting of remaining notes. Another great thing about this machine is the Big TFT display on the device. The display shows you detailed information about the number of bills counted and also the total amount.

The controls of this machine are simple. You can start, stop, reset and enable/disable the UV and magnetic detection feature. There are separate buttons provided on the machine for easy control. Unlike the other products, this machine can count 300 notes of any denomination at a time. The counting speed of nearly 1000 notes per minute is excellent and commendable. While counting the notes, it can examine and batch the broken notes and half notes. This feature is helpful for all of the cash-only businesses, as it prevents loss due to acceptance of the fake, broken and half-notes.

Why is the Godrej Crusader Lite a Great Choice? 

The stylish design is one of the best things that I found about this product. The stylish design, paired with numerous useful features makes it one of the best note counting machines in India for shops. This machine comes with the on-body TFT display screen for showing the total count of notes and the total amount counted. Well, there is a dual-display configuration, which you can use to show the information to the customer as well. The dual-display configuration is best for the banks and other financial institutions.

Even though it's a product full of features, the ease of use is another best feature of this note counting machine. It has the labelled buttons and the display to show all the information needed. Even though it's a pricey product, it's worth spending the money on the same.

#3 - SToK ST-MC01 Modern Note Counting Machine 


When we are talking about business accessories and the device, we cannot ignore the SToK products. The SToK ST-MC01 modern note counting machine is an honourable mention in this list of the top note counting machines in India. The SToK ST-MC01 is a multipurpose machine to count currency notes. It has the large counting capacity and the speed that is suitable for the businesses with huge cash flow.

SToK ST-MC01 currency counter machine comes with the capacity of 300 notes, and you can stack nearly 200 notes. The counting speed is 1000 notes per minute, which is quite fast and convenient for the users. It works best with the Indian Rupees, as it can detect the old and new notes without any issue. The SToK ST-MC01 supports all denomination notes of Indian Rupees and also the foreign currencies like the USD and Euro.

The detection of fake notes and broken notes is easier with the SToK ST-MC01 machine. It has the UV, MG, IR and DD sensors to identify and eliminate the fake notes from the provided stack. You'll hear a beep sound when the machine detects a fake or broken note. For the controls, the machine comes with a lot of useful buttons. It has the Start, Stop, Reset, Batch, UV, Magnetic and other buttons for easy control. Also, there is an Auto and Manual mode that helps you choose between the automatic counting and manual counting mode for convenience.

Usually, the note counting machines are not that great in the build quality. But this is an exception. The SToK ST-MC01 note counting machine is built according to the rough and tough Indian needs. It will last for years before breaking down, as promised by the manufacturer. Also, the interior of this machine is so easy to clean, you can do it yourself without any additional help. It's a great currency counting machine for the offices and shops.

Why is the SToK ST-MC01 Note Counting Machine a Great Choice? 

There are only a few machines that are made according to the Indian needs. From the build quality to the pricing, everything is perfect for the Indian customers. The SToK ST-MC01 comes with stunning build quality and easy to clean interior. It's made with the high-grade plastic, which lasts longer than any of your smartphones.

The speed and accuracy is what matters the most in the note counting machines. The speed of 1000 notes per minute is very commendable. There are only a few products that have 1000 notes per minute speed and stacking capacity of 300 notes at the same time. In short, it's a must-have product for your office and personal use.

#4 - Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine 

Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine

When it comes to office supplies, Kores is the name that everyone knows. Kores Easy Count 440 is a sophisticated currency counting machine that you can use for moderate usage. It’s a small and portable currency counter machine that you should not ignore. It’s a multi-currency counter, which means it can count multiple currencies like the Indian Rupees, Euros and Dollars without any issue. For Indian users, it’s tuned according to the recommendations proposed by the Reserve Bank of India. So, it can effectively count the Indian currency.

The machine is suitable for moderate to heavy-duty usage. It does not have a good counting speed compared to the other products, but it can work for a long time. According to the manufacturer, this machine can work continuously for two hours, which is good for handling a lot of cash. The machine is quite good at detecting the fake and broken notes. The UV and Magnetic sensors detect fake notes and broken notes and then displays the warning.

There is an LCD display on this machine, which shows you the information about the total notes count and the value of those notes. There are only a few buttons on this machine, which makes it easier to operate. The digital display shows all the functions, and you can access them from the buttons provided. It’s a small machine that is portable. You can carry it around easily in your office or to another place without any issues. The pricing of this machine is quite impressive, but many people will find it expensive.

Why is the Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine a Great Choice? 

Kores Easy Count 440 note counting machine works great for the small businesses and offices. Even though the counting speed of this machine is 900 notes per minute, it’s still quite less for the big businesses. The best thing I found about this product is that it has the Digital Display. You get to see everything on display, including the note count and the value. Also, you can see the control options for the machine.

For those fighting with the fake or broken notes, have nothing to worry with this machine. With the Ultraviolet, Magnetic and Infrared sensors, the Kores Easy Count 440 is able to identify the counterfeit currency with ease. The machine immediately shows the information on the digital display so that you can get rid of the currency notes.

#5 - Kross Advanced Money Counting Machine 

Kross Advanced Currency : Note : Money Counting Machine

If you are looking for an advanced machine for counting the money, then you should not miss the Kross Advanced currency counting machine. It’s a great machine for the businesses and the offices that deal in the cash transactions. This machine is great for professional use, as it has the hopper and stacker capacity of 200 notes and the counting capacity of 1000 notes per minute. It’s quite a good amount that anyone would find useful.

This machine has the highly advanced counterfeit money detection feature. It detects the counterfeit and broken currency notes with the help of Infrared, Magnetic and Ultraviolet sensors. Kross advanced money counting machines can count almost all currencies all around the world. As of now, it supports even the old currency notes from the RBI as they are still the legal tender. With this machine, you can easily batch, add, and do the value counting with ease. There is the automatic and manual counting mode for easy counting of the money.

As it’s an advanced money counting machine, it comes with the advanced display. The LCD display shows all the functions and also shows the details of the money that we are counting. If you’ve enabled the money value counting, then you’ll see the same on display. There are a few buttons beside the machine that allow you to access a bunch of functions. From Add, Batch, Start, Stop and Reset functions, it has many other buttons that you’ll find useful for your needs.

Kross advanced money counting devices are very useful for businesses and organizations. If you are in need of continuous cash counting, then you’ll find this machine useful. The strong and sturdy builds make the device stay in the working condition for more than a few hours. Also, there is a dedicated customer care centre for the users of this machine to get the solutions for their problems. It may seem expensive at first glance at the price tag. But it’s a great device considering the feature set it offers.

Why is the Kross Advanced Money Counting Machine a Great Choice? 

Every electronic device faces some technical issues once in a while. For fixing such issues, you need to take this device to the official service centre. The official service centre fixes the issue for free if the device is in warranty. With the one year warranty, you can send this product to the Kross service centre, and they will fix the issue in the device. Having the dedicated service centre in India for this device is very helpful for the customers.

This product comes with the advanced features and the LCD display to show all the information. From counting details to the device control, we can see all the information on the display. Also, the robust build quality is what makes this product value for money.

Final Words

Human errors are small, but they might damage the entire organization. The businesses that run entirely on the cash transactions may face huge losses due to the small human error. That’s why it is a sensible idea to start using the best money counting machine in India for counting the cash. Having a helping hand from a human is quite okay, but rechecking the money with the automated machine is a great idea.

With the highly-advanced note counting machines in India, we can easily count the money and get the exact value of the same. As we recommended the best machines for money counting in India to a local business, we had to do the research first. We’ve shared the best products for money counting in India that we found while doing the research.

All of the products that we have listed in this post are affordable, powerful, and most accurate ones. Don’t bother to do the research by yourself, as we’ve done it already for your convenience. All you have to do now is to check out the list and choose the best product that suits your needs and the budget.

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