5 Best Projectors For Office In India

We Indians love watching the movies on the projector screens. Even though LED TV’s provide better image quality, the projectors give us the nostalgic feel. Back in the days, all the films were shown using the projector and the big white canvas. The similar method is still being used in all of the movie theaters all over the world. But, the movie projection solutions are way too advanced. For the office users, they obviously need the best projector for presentations. 

The companies have not ditched the presentations on the office projectors. The best projectors for office are still in use, as they are quite good in showing the presentations in the staff meetings. Gone the days when you had to add the projection films to project the picture on the canvas. Nowadays, you can easily connect a computer or laptop to the projector and it will project that laptop screen on the canvas. 

For the office meetings, that’s so convenient. You can easily take your laptop with the Powerpoint presentation and connect it to the projector device. After that, all you have to do is to show your topic presentation and you’re good to go. Almost all of the companies, schools and colleges are starting to use the best projectors in the premises. 

With the variety of uses and the convenience, the best office projectors are in the high demand. If you are the one in-charge of buying the best projector for office presentations, then you are at the right place. We’ve done the detailed research on the Amazon marketplace and found a few best office projector devices. We are sharing the list of some of the best projectors for office in India. As a buyer, all you have to do is to check out the list and choose the best office projector that suits your presentation needs. 

5 Best Projectors For Office In India 2020

#1 - Egate i9 HD LED Projector for Office 


Are you looking for an Indian brand office projector? The Egate i9 HD LED office projector is the best choice for your needs. The Egate is an Indian brand and manufactures all of the products in India. The Egate i9 HD LED projector is the best one for offices. Most of the big companies prefer using this product in the offices. Not just the offices, but the schools, colleges and coaching institutions use the same product for teaching purposes. 

The Egate i9 LED projector comes with the heavy-duty 30,000 hrs rated LED lamp for projection. The high power LED lamp is ideal for projecting the crystal clear images even in the bright lighting conditions on the canvas. This product supports the 1980x1080 HD projection, 16K colours and also the Contrast ratio of 1000:1. The maximum projection size of this device is 120-inches, which is pretty large, considering the competitor products in the market. There are five glass lenses, which provide the crystal clear projection quality on the canvas.

Egate i9 HD LED projector supports the maximum brightness of 1,000 lumens. The brightness of the television comes around 500 lumens, which is half the luminance of this projector from Egate. For the convenience of the users, this projector has multiple connectivity options. From the USB, HDMI, SD cards and AV ports, you can connect a plethora of devices with this projector and project the images or videos. 

If you are in the mood of watching movies or the video content, then you can do the same without any issues. With the built-in stereo speakers, the sound quality is excellent, and there is no need for connecting the external speakers. The businesses require products that have good warranty terms. Thankfully, Egate i9 HD LED projector comes with the one year warranty. Also, the service centres of the company are located in India, so more convenience. 

Why is the Egate i9 HD Projector a Good Choice for Offices? 

The big companies frequently use the projectors for office presentations. As the companies opt for projectors instead of the big monitors, they require a high-luminance product that matches the image quality of the LCD/LED Display—fortunately, the Five glass lenses and the heavy-duty LED lamp projects crystal clear images on the canvas. 

On the connectivity side, it supports the USB, HDMI, AV, SD Card and Audio ports. You can connect your computer or laptop with this projector without any issues. There is no need for installing the compatible drivers manually to make this device run on the laptops. If you have an Amazon Firestick, then you can turn this projector into the Smart projector and access the contents from Amazon Firestick. You get all these features for an affordable price tag, which is the USP of Egate i9 HD LED Projector for office. 

#2 - BenQ MS535P SVGA Projector for Office and Classrooms 

BenQ MS535P SVGA Business and Classroom Projector

The offices and classrooms require a sturdy and high-luminance projector. BenQ MS535P SVGA is the best option for your needs. It’s a heavy-duty device suitable for use in the Offices and the classrooms. If you want the brilliant image quality for presentations and teaching sessions, then this is the right projector. The BenQ MS535P SVGA projector has the bright LED lamp and the crystal clear image quality. It projects images with 3500 ANSI lumens brightness and the 15000:1 Contrast ratio. 

The 3500 ANSI lumens brightness is enough for projecting the crystal clear images even in the bright lighting conditions. If you want to use the projector in the outdoor lighting conditions, then you’ll face no issues with the quality. It comes with the Digital Light Processing technology, which is more reliable than LCD technology. The heavy-duty lamp used in this product is rated for 15000 hours of lamp life. So, you don’t have to worry about replacing the same for a long time. 

On the connectivity side, this product comes with multiple options. It has the Dual HDMI ports, the Display Port, VGA port, AV, MicroUSB and PS/2 ports. The Dual HDMI port allows you to connect multiple input devices to this BenQ MS535P projector. The setup of this projector is pretty simple. Even a newbie can complete the setup and installation within a few minutes. It comes with the rubber feet, which is useful if you want to keep it on the flat surfaces. The rubber feet provide a strong grip to this heavy device. 

Usually, the office projectors consume a lot of electricity for optimal performance. BenQ has introduced the SmarEco mode in this project. The BenQ MS535P projector for office saves nearly 70% energy even when used in full brightness. Due to the same, you’ll notice a significant decrease in power consumption. For some people, it may seem like an expensive purchase. But for the current price point, you won’t get these features in the other products. 

Why is the BenQ MS535P SVGA Projector a Great Choice? 

The energy consumption and excessive heat are the two problems with any projector device. The heavy-duty LED lamp consumes most of the power and gets heated. Fortunately, that’s not the case with BenQ MS535P SVGA projector. The SmartEco mode from BenQ saves nearly 70% of the energy consumption, making it the eco-friendly projector. It also reduces the excess heating of the device, which is a plus point. 

We often use infographic content for office presentations. Being the big piece of content, most of the projectors are not able to render it properly. The BenQ MS535P projector has the infographic mode. The same mode enables you to project the infographic images on the screen without any compromise in the quality. You get to see every image and the text clearly on the screen. So, this is a great choice for the offices that rely on the projectors for team meetings and presentations. 

#3 - Epson EB-S41 SVGA Office Projector 

Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness

Now we are moving to the premium segment of the office projectors. The Epson EB-S41 office projector is one of the best-in-class office projectors that you should not ignore. It’s a multifunctional projector suitable for the meeting and huddle rooms. Some people might ignore this product due to the expensive pricing, but it’s worth the money. This projector can project true-to-life images on the white canvas. You can use any white surface as the canvas. Thanks to the powerful LED lamp, it can work flawlessly even in the bright lighting condition. The LED lamp has the maximum brightness of 3,300 lumens, which is way too bright. Even if you are on the roof with full sunlight, this projector works flawlessly. 

The Epson EB-S41 comes with the support for 4K videos. It can easily project the 4K videos on the canvas or the white surface. The contrast ratio of 15000:1 helps you project the presentation or even the movies on big canvas without any issue. The focus adjustment options are easy to operate. Although there is no need of adjusting the focus as it supports auto-focus of the images. But if you still want that crystal clear picture on the screen, then you can use the same. 

This product has the auto-start feature. When you press the “Project” button on your computer, the projector automatically starts showing the images on the screen. Unlike other products, which starts to project as soon as you connect the computers, this one is a bit different. On the connectivity side, you can use the VGA, HDMI and USB cables to connect the compatible devices. Also, there is a remote control inside the packaging which you can use to change the slides or control the other options. 

The inbuilt 2Watt speakers are enough for a small presentation meeting. The 37-decibel speakers are not that good for movie watching but only for the small presentations. It’s quite an expensive office projector in India. But, considering the feature set you are getting, you’ll get all the money back in the usability aspect. 

Why is the Epson EB-S41 Projector a Great Choice? 

The office projectors should have the support to project high-quality images and videos. The same can be achieved with high-quality lenses, the proper focus, and the high-lumens LED lamp. The Epson EB-S41 has all of the features, and it supports the 4K image projection. According to the customer reviews on Amazon, it’s one of the best products for the office spaces. 

The connectivity options are quite less compared to the other options. But, it’s still sufficient considering the limited use of the device. What we loved about this product is the auto-start feature. The device only starts projecting the images when you’ve started the presentation from the connected device, like the computer. All-in-All, it’s a premium office projector that every business should have in the office. 

#4 - BORSSO Earth 8.2 Android Projector for Office and Home 

BORSSO™ Earth 8.2

Are you looking for an advanced projector for business requirements? Well, the BORSSO Earth 8.2 Android projector is the one you should check out. The BORSSO Earth 8.2 projector comes with the advanced features like the Android operating system, WiFi and many others. It’s the best-in-class product and cheaper than the available options with similar features in the market. This projector can project the images on the 200-inch screen without any issues, so showing the presentation to the entire auditorium full of people won’t be any problem. 

The high-quality 4500 lumens lamp provides enough brightness to show crispy images and videos, even in the bright lighting conditions. You have the option to adjust the brightness according to your needs. As this product has the Android OS installed in it, you can easily start using Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services. And Yes!, You can use the Internet on this device with the help of Dual WiFi. The Dual-Channel 2.4GHz and 5GHz WIFi connectivity allow you to access the content over the Internet with ease. In short, it’s an all-in-one projector that helps you access a lot of entertainment content over the Internet. 

For those who are going to use it in the office, it comes with the variety of connectivity options. It comes with the Two USB ports, two HDMI ports, one VGA port, One Ethernet port and the headphone jack. You can connect a plethora of devices with the HDMI and USB ports. Connecting the laptop with the HDMI port will help you get the Full HD output. But if you opt for the VGA port for connecting the computer, then you would have to sacrifice the HD output. 

For those who love to consume entertainment content, this projector comes with the two speakers. The two 5W speakers are great for listening to music and the movies. The pricing seems expensive, but the set of features you get access with this product is commendable. Also, the one-year comprehensive warranty from BORSSO is what makes it a great purchase. 

Why is the BORSSO Earth 8.2 Android Projector a Great Choice? 

There are only a few smart projector devices that are suitable for office meetings and also home entertainment. BORSSO Earth 8.2 is loaded with the Android operating system. So, you can access Google Play Store, Netflix, YouTube and other streaming apps. Also, you can directly load the presentation from the apps downloaded from the Google Play Store. 

The best thing I found about this product is the Dual speaker setup. The 5W speakers provide great sound quality while watching the movies or the videos. The internal speaker setup makes it excellent for the home entertainment system. 

#5 - Ooze Punnkk P9 Full HD LED Projector 

Ooze Punnkk P9

The projector devices always use a lot of electricity. To save the energy consumption, you should opt for the projectors with LED lamps. The Ooze Punnkk P9 full HD LED projector comes with the high luminosity LED lamp that is the ultimate energy saver. If you are looking for a great projector for office meetings and also as the home theatre system, then Ooze Punnkk P9 HD LED projector is a great product. 

The Ooze Punnkk P9 projector is a Full HD projector. Which means, it can project the images and videos with the resolution of 1920x1080p with ease. With the optimal distance of 5-6 meters from the canvas screen and projection size of 50 to 200 inches, it’s the best option for all your projection needs. Be it the office presentation or movie watching party with friends; it’s a great device suitable for everyone. The LED lamp that powers the entire projection module is rated for 40,000 hours of use. So, you don’t need to frequently change the lamp for better performance. 

The super bright 3500 lumens LED lamp is enough to use the projector even in the bright lighting conditions. You won’t face any issues like image distortion or others in the bright lighting locations. The contrast ratio of this device is 7000:1, which is quite low compared to the other products. But, it’s quite acceptable considering the pricing of this device. The great thing about this product is that it supports the 3D projection. So, you can use the 3D glasses to watch 3D content with ease. 

On the connectivity side, the Ooze Punnkk P9 Full HD LED project comes with the variety of options. You can connect a TV Box, Computer, Laptop, Blu-Ray DVD Player, Camera, Mobile HDD, XBOX/PS, Audio, U disk, KTV, Tablet & Phone, Digital Camera etc. For the current pricing, it’s a great choice for both the offices and the home users. 

Why is the Ooze Punnkk P9 Full HD Projector a Good Choice? 

Not all projectors support the 3D projection. But Ooze Punnkk P9 HD projector supports the 3D projection. You can use the 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D content in your home or the office. It’s a nice feature that not every product supports. Also, the crystal clear picture quality is one of the most important points that you should not ignore. 

Unlike other projectors, Ooze Punnkk P9 comes with the proper ventilation friendly design. As the projectors do get hot during long usage, they require proper ventilation to cool-down. The special design lets the air pass through the device easily, effectively cooling it down. The LED lamp saves a lot of electricity consumption, and keeping the projector cool makes it last for a long time. That’s why I love the most about this office projector in India. 

Final Words

The corporate world is incomplete without presentations and team meetings. And the team meetings are incomplete without someone showing the presentation over the projector. The projectors are used as the home entertainment system in most cases. But the offices and the schools are now utilizing the same product for presentation and teaching purposes. So, the usage is not limited to personal entertainment. 

Buying a projector for office is a one-time investment. You don’t want to buy multiple projectors because the first few purchases were not suitable for your needs. That’s why doing proper research is highly recommended for getting the best product. Well, we know that people don’t have the time to do in-depth research on the best projectors for office usage. That’s why we’ve shared this list of the best projectors in India. 

We shared the list of the best projectors for office in India in this post. As we’ve already completed the research, we decided to share it with you. All you have to do is to check out all the products, assess your needs, cross-check the same with your budget and order it from the Amazon marketplace. All of the products on this list are the best products, but they are suitable for different use cases. So, assess your needs first and then buy the best one suitable for your office requirements. 

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