5 Best Whiteboards for Office In India

Using the chalkboards is now an outdated tradition in the schools and the colleges. The teachers and even the students are nowadays using the whiteboards for teaching and studying. Most of the time, we find the whiteboards in schools. But nowadays, we can see the whiteboards for offices in India. The offices and businesses use the whiteboards to explain to the employees about any project or day-to-day work.

As briefing is an important part of the corporates and other businesses, the employees use the whiteboards to explain the day-to-day work details. Also, we can spot the whiteboards in government offices with the notices written on it. Nowadays, it’s an important office accessory as the usage is extended from school and colleges to the offices.

Also, the best whiteboards for office eliminate the use of chalks. The chalks are made with calcium carbonate, and there are millions of people allergic to the same. That’s why using the best whiteboards for office in India is the wise decision. We’ve already bought the best whiteboard in our office to brief our employees and write down the important notices. Before choosing the best product, we’ve done extensive research on the same.

We searched Amazon and local markets to find the best whiteboards for offices in India. After the research, we found the best product on the Amazon marketplace. If you are willing to buy whiteboards for the office online, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share all of the best whiteboards for the office. You can choose from the list of the best products. Assess your needs and the budget to get the best product that suits your requirements.

Best Whiteboards for Office in India

#1 - Pragati Systems Genius Regular Size Steel Whiteboard GRMWB6090

Pragati Systems® Genius Regular Steel

If you look at the top-seller office whiteboards on Amazon Marketplace, you’ll find this product on top. Pragati System Genium regular steel whiteboard is one of the most popular products on the Amazon marketplace. Unlike other products, the Pragati Systems Genius Regular size whiteboard is made with high-grade steel.

The steel is coated with high-quality white resin, making it easier to use the marker pens, apply stickers, and use magnets on this product. The frame of this whiteboard is made with aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy helps to protect the whiteboard from the shocks and damages. Also, it protects the users from the sharp edges of the steel board, which may be harmful to the users. The other whiteboards made with the steel bend a lot, and they may warp over time. But, with the unique paper honeycomb mesh structure, this board stays flat for a long time. It sustains continuous usage without any issue.

Most of the time, the whiteboards reflect a lot of light, making it difficult to use the same. Thankfully, the scratch-resistant coating on the surface of this whiteboard is glare-free. So, you won’t face any difficulties with light reflections. To write on the surface of this board, you can use the standard dry erase marker pens. Also, there is no need to use the specialized erasers on this board, as you can use any material to wipe the board without the ghost marks. You will find the four wall mounting clip set in the packaging to hang this product on your office walls. You can also buy the stand for keeping the whiteboard on the same and move it around anytime you want. Being the most popular, it’s one of the most affordable products with competitive pricing.

Why is the Pragati Systems Genius Whiteboard a Great Choice? 

It’s a pleasure to write on the flat surfaces. You will get annoyed while writing on the warped or uneven surfaces. Most of the time, the cheap quality whiteboards do get warped, making it difficult to write and even hang on the wall. But, the Pragati Systems Genius Steel Whiteboard does not bend at all. The unique paper honeycomb mesh structure between the two steel surface sheets won’t bend or warp over time.

Not just this, the smooth anti-glare coating makes it ideal to use in the bright lighting conditions. When you are using the product in the office, the artificial or natural lighting entering the office won’t annoy you. Even with all of these amazing features, this product is very affordable and comes with reasonable pricing. No Wonder this product is top in this list of best whiteboards in India.

#2 - AmazonBasics Magnetic Frame White Board 

AmazonBasics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase White Board

Having a multipurpose whiteboard is one of the best things you can have at the office. The Amazonbasics Magnetic frame whiteboard is one of the best products in the market. This is the multipurpose product you can use as the whiteboard in your office and as the magnetic bulletin board. From writing your ideas or information to sticking the posters and bulletins, you can do everything with this whiteboard.

It's a dry erase magnetic whiteboard, which makes it easier to use the dry-erase whiteboard marker. You can easily wipe the dry erase ink with the help of the wipe towel or the normal cloth. The smooth coating on the AmazonBasics magnetic whiteboard allows you to easily wipe off the dry erase marker ink. Also, it won't leave any ghost marks on the surface of the board. It'll be a fresh and clean start every time you wipe the board.

AmazonBasics Magnetic whiteboard is a wall-mounting product. You can mount it on the wall with the help of the nails. It has the clamps on the backside to hang it on the wall. The high-quality frame supports the overall steel surface of this whiteboard and prevents significant bending. But there are several complaints from the users about the bending after heavy usage. We added it in this list as it comes with a few magnets, marker pens, and a dry-erase duster as freebies. So, it's worth the money you spend.

Why is the AmazonBasics Magnetic Frame Whiteboard a Great Choice? 

There are a lot of office whiteboards available in the Amazon marketplace. But only a few are good to use in the office spaces. The AmazonBasics Magnetic frame whiteboard is useful in the office environment. As the offices have heavy usage requirements, this one is best for the offices. It's a multipurpose whiteboard that you can use to write or even use it as the bulletin board. Use the magnets to stick the notices to this whiteboard in your office.

The best thing we found about AmazonBasics Magnetic Whiteboard is the freebies. This product comes with a few magnets, dry-erase duster, and two dry-erase markers. For this price tag, getting freebies is worth the money. It's very convenient for the businesses to receive the freebies like markers and duster with this whiteboard, as it saves a lot of time and business resources.

#3 - DishanKart Premium Whiteboard with Non-Magnetic Frame 

DishanKart White Board

The DishanKart premium whiteboard is also one of the top-rated whiteboards for office on the Amazon marketplace. WIth the premium build quality, this product has earned the place in this list of the best whiteboards under 1000 in India. DishanKart premium whiteboard is coated with the super white writing grade resin coating on the industrial-grade steel surface. The steel surface is magnetic and can be used to stick the notes, notices, and posters with the magnets' help. The industrial-grade steel surface is used according to the International Standards.

The super white resin-coated steel surface is ideal for writing and drawing. As it's the dry-erase whiteboard, you should refrain from using any marker except the dry-erase one. The non-magnetic aluminum frame is used to protect the edges of this product. But as the frame is non-magnetic, many people will find it inconvenient, as keeping the magnets, and the magnetic markers is not possible. But, the same frame helps this product to stay flat. The possibility of bending of this whiteboard is eliminated with the aluminum frame.

You can hang this product on the wall or even use the whiteboard stand to carry it in the office. Even though the frame is non-magnetic, the steel surface is magnetic, and you can use it to stick the notes and the notices on the same. Thanks to the resin coating, this whiteboard is scratch resistant. You can easily clean this product with the whiteboard duster or even a paper with ease. For this price point, the DishanKart premium whiteboard is a great choice for small offices for presentation and briefing purposes.

Why is the DishanKart Premium Whiteboard a Great Choice? 

You can't get every feature that you want in the product. But, you can get the closest option that suits your needs. The DishanKart premium whiteboard is the same product. It's not the best product but has all the basic features that everyone needs. It comes with the industrial-grade steel sheet and a resin coating on the surface. It won't have the magnetic frame, but that'll not reduce the overall usability.

Also, for this price point, what you are getting is commendable. With the easy-clean surface, you won't face any problems while erasing the written content. Just use any dry-erase duster and all done. That's why it's a great choice to have a small office or even use it as a home.

#4 - Cosmic Success Small Whiteboard by DishanKart 

Cosmic Success White Board

If you do not require a regular or large whiteboard, you will find the Cosmic Success small whiteboard very useful. It's another great product from DishanKart. It's one of the most affordable whiteboards for the office. It's not a big board but only has dimensions of 1ftx1.5ft. So, if your needs are sufficient, then you'll find this product useful. Thanks to the small size, it's very portable.

Unlike other whiteboard products, Cosmic Success by DishanKart is not a square board. It's a rectangle, and that's why you can use it in Vertical or Horizontal orientation without any issues. The surface of this whiteboard is made of steel. The same steel is fixed on the wooden board, which supports the entire build of this product. The frame is made with aluminum, which covers the wooden and steel edges and protects the whiteboard's sides from any fall damage. The Steel surface is magnetic, so you can stick the notes, or brochures, or anything else with the help of small magnets.

As you can hang it on the wall, there are four side-clamps, which help you hang this whiteboard vertically or horizontally. You'll need to have nails in the wall to hang the Cosmic Success whiteboard. It's the cheapest whiteboard for the office on this list. As it's the cheapest, you won't get many features, but that's acceptable.

Why is the Cosmic Success Small Whiteboard a Great Choice? 

Not everyone needs the big size whiteboards for office. Some people need it for presentation, and some need it for sticking the notes. Those who need sticking notes or writing the instructions in the office will find the Cosmic Success small whiteboard a great choice.

With a lightweight construction, it's easy to move around. Also, it's easy to lift it and hang it to the wall, be it vertically or horizontally according to your needs. There is a wood material that is supporting the steel sheet. The wooden support helps the whiteboard not to bend due to excessive use. That's why we think the Cosmic Success Whiteboard by DishanKart is a great choice for small offices and even for personal use at home.

#5 - Pragati Systems Prima Combination Board for Offices

Pragati Systems® Prima Combination Board

If beauty and usability is what you need, then the Pragati Systems Prima Combination board is made to satisfy your needs. Due to the variety of features and uniqueness, we've added this second product from Pragati Systems. It's not the regular whiteboard for the office, as it has different surfaces. One is the white surface, and another one is the coloured surface. These types of boards are known as combination boards. On the white side of the board, you can write anything you want with the marker, and on the coloured side, you can write with either the chalk or use it as the bulletin board.

The white part of this combination board is made with high-quality magnet friendly steel. The pinup part of this board is made with the high tear strength flocked velvet fabric. The pinup part is useful to stick the notices and the bulletins to the board with the help of pins. The two parts of the Pragati systems prima combination whiteboard are separated from the aluminum separator. The supporting material of this product is a soft-core paper honeycomb structure that is precisely engineered.

Pragati Systems Prima combination whiteboard has the high-quality aluminum alloy frame with a satin finish. On the four corners, it has ABS plastic caps, which makes it look beautiful. The virgin ABS caps are not added for the aesthetic purpose, but for the protection. These caps do protect the entire board from the fall damage. In short, it holds the entire board construction and prevents it from scattering after falling on the ground.

The Prima combination board from the Pragati system should be hung on the wall. You should not worry at all if you don't have the nails or screws to hang the board in the right direction. The wall hanger holders on this combination board are removable and customizable. So, you can remove them and adjust according to the position of the nails on your walls. This is one of the whiteboards that is full of features. Still, it's quite affordable for everyone.

Why is the Pragati Systems Prima Combination Whiteboard a Great Choice? 

The Combination boards are very useful in the office environment. We've seen the big companies using the combination boards in their regional offices. Such boards are multipurpose as you can write on them and stick the bulletins or the flyers on the other side. The Pragati Systems Prima Combination board has all the features any big business would love. It comes with the high-quality steel sheet and the high tear strength velvet fabric. The steel sheet is resin-coated and works best with the dry-erase marker pens. Also, you can stick the magnets to the white part.

The supporting material is precision engineered paper honeycomb stuff, which is very strong. It supports the build of this product and prevents the board's bending due to heavy use. Not just that, but the same paper honeycomb structure makes the entire board weight less than the whiteboards that have wooden material. You get several color options with the pinup side of this board. All this is available for the affordable pricing, so you should consider getting Pragati Systems Prima Combination board for your office.

Final Words

Nowadays, laptops and projectors are being used to brief the employees, send the notices, and show the presentations. It's all modern technology that is being used by the managers and other employees of the companies. Many people prefer using the whiteboards for briefing, explaining topics or projects, presentations, or even sticking the notices and brochures.

Using the whiteboards in the office is outdated, but still the most popular thing in most companies. You might see one in your office where you go to work. Most companies prefer using the best whiteboards for offices in India to write notices, instructions, or share important information. It's the best way to share the information and instructions with the employees.

If you are looking to buy the best whiteboards for office in India, you will get the list of the best products. As we got the best whiteboard that is suitable for our needs, it's time you should get one. All you have to do is go through this list of the best affordable whiteboards in India and choose the one that suits your needs.

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